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Welcome to EcoChallenge by The Tech

Let’s reduce your collective impact on the environment! We challenge you and your teammates to choose 1 new action each and stick with it for 2 weeks. Pick actions and set goals that stretch your comfort zone.

Conventional wisdom says it takes 2 weeks to change a habit. Incorporate a new behavior for 14 days in a row and it’s likely to stick. Ecochallengers share their progress and earn points for taking action. Collective inspiration, teamwork and friendly competition make change easier — and a lot more fun!

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Discover Change, Together.

Here at The Tech Interactive, we believe the solution to Earth’s big challenges lies in the power of people banding together. Ecochallenge gives you tools to reduce your impact on the environment and inspiration to re-imagine a vibrant future.

Free and open to everyone, everywhere, tens of thousands of people around the world have participated in Ecochallenge at The Tech. Starting now you too can grab the power of this platform and commit to a set of actions that’s right for your household, school or community.

About The Tech Interactive

Our mission at The Tech Interactive is to inspire the innovator in everyone. We believe that supporting and activating problem-solvers locally, nationally and globally is key to building a sustainable future.

Together with Ecochallenge at The Tech, our hands-on activities, experimental labs and design challenges empower people to think creatively and with compassion. Join our community of change makers who are working towards a healthier, more sustainable world. Welcome to Ecochallenge at The Tech where everyone is a born innovator!

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