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Working Together to Make Global Change

You can create positive environmental impact together in your community and globally.
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Working Together to Make Global Change

Interested in having fun while doing good for the environment? Join with friends, family and community to take on an Ecochallenge! Put together a plan of action that is tailored to YOU. Try eating a locally sourced meal once a week or using reusable bags. Consider joining a carpool or switching to cold water washing. Whatever challenges you choose, be a part of powerful change!
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  • July 18 at 8:27 AM
    Herb and vegetable garden is going well.
  • April 19 at 11:55 AM
    Good to acknowledge what I'm already doing, then challenge myself to take more small steps for a big impact!
  • August 2 at 8:16 AM
    Tomatoes are green but so much bigger. Green peppers are growing.